Helsinki Loves Developers

Welcome to the refurbished Helsinki Developers' Portal! The site is developed and operated by the City's Open Software Development team

You can find information about our projects and APIs. All the code we develop is fully open source, and our UIs are built on top of the same APIs that are available for everyone to use.

Any questions or comments? Want to share your love? Feel free to join us for a chat in our Gitter chat room.


What about documentation?

As most of us know, coding is a busy business. New ideas, feature requests, crucial hotfixes, standard bugfixes and a number of other issues pile up in addition to planned projects and sprints. Therefore, when developing an API for your own use, you are usually satisfied once you get it to work the way you want, and move on to the next pressing thing to do. After all, we are using our own API, why should we bother with systematic specification and documentation of the features we know and are able to check from the source code whenever we want? This process often results in APIs that are open in theory, but not in practice, as they may be too obscure for the average developer to approach and start using by themselves.