Open311 Issue Reporting API FAQ

This is the list of frequently asked question (FAQ) and typical problems. The list is updated when new things come up.

1. Why does posting a service request fail?

Answer 1: Posting service requests usually fails, because the description parameter doesn't contain more than 10 characters.

Answer 2: Check that the endpoint URL is https://.... and not http://....

Answer 3: Posting service request fails because wrong service_code is used. Typically service_code from production API is used in test environment. Note, that service_codes are different between test and production APIs.

Answer 4:  Uploading image with media_url fails if https URLs are used because https URLs are not yet support.

2. I posted a service request successfully, but it only shows part the posted data

That's because every service request is moderated and only after that all data is public.

3. The location of my service request is strange

Check that the location parameters used are lat and long and not lon or lng.

4. Now that I tested my app and fine-tuned it to the near perfection, I need an API key to the production environment. What do I need to do?

Ask for a production API key well before going public, because it will be verified that your application fulfills the API terms. Reserve at least 1 - 2 weeks for this.

We want to be able to inspect the app or web site before we give the production API key. Check that you have read the terms of service, and included the required text into you app.

5. How do the production and test environment differ?

The used API key and service_code's are different.

The production interface only supports TLS version 1.0. This has caused problems, especially, if your app is running on Ubuntu 12.04 operating system. Find solution to this issue from here.