The terms of use of the City of Helsinki Feedback system API interface

Description of the Service

The issue reporting feedback system (hereinafter ’’Feedback system’’) and the related API interface (hereinafter ’’API interface’’) will be provided by the City of Helsinki. The feedback system enables external applications (hereinafter ‘’External applications’’) to give feedback to the City of Helsinki as well as to seek feedback (hereinafter ‘’Feedback”) filed in the Feedback system.

The API interface to be provided is exploitable on the conditions hereinafter defined. 

The application process of access and API key

Access to the API interface of the Feedback system can be gained once the functionality of the use of the API interface in a testing environment has been tested and approved by the City. After this, access to the actual API key (hereinafter ‘’API key’’) to the Feedback system and the API interface is available once the applicant has approved the terms of use of the Feedback system API interface.

The terms of use of the City of Helsinki Feedback system API interface

The use of the interface is being monitored and if an application burdens too much, the City is entitled to restrict the use or withdraw the rights of use from an API key holder.

The City monitors the use of the interface and can publish application-specific statistical data on the use of the interface.

When Feedback is relayed in the Feedback system through external applications, all rights (including the right to further assignment and adaptation) to the contents of the Feedback are ceded to the City of Helsinki. The City of Helsinki grants an extensive right to use the contents of the Feedback system (the Feedback proper and the related answers) in accordance with the Feedback interface license here below.

The goal is that Feedback the City relayed through external applications be only on themes that the City has specified in the definition of feedback types.

Feedback addressed to the City and relayed through an external application must not be edited in a manner altering its meaning.

The unintentional or intentional publication of the API key or its dissemination to third parties is regarded as a breach of contract. 

Violation of the terms of use

The holder of an API key agrees to comply with these terms of use. In case the City of Helsinki considers that the terms of use have been violated, this can result in the immediate withdrawal of the rights of use and closing of the API key. 

Limitation of liability

The API interface is at the disposal of the API key holders in the condition it is, and the City of Helsinki will not provide any guarantee of performance.

Under no circumstances is the City of Helsinki responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by the interface or resulting from the use thereof.

Amending the terms of use

The City reserves itself the right to make amendments in the terms of use. When possible, the API key holders will be notified of possible amendments in advance by e-mail.

Other terms

The law applicable to these terms of use and the use of the Service is Finnish law. Any dispute arising from this present context will be settled in Helsinki District Court.

The requirements set by the terms of use for applications exploiting the interface and the terms of use of applications

The following terms to the feedback giver shall be indicated in an external application:

‘’The feedback you give may be published on the City of Helsinki Internet pages and/or in some other media. Do not divulge any information under the privacy protection, such as a person’s name, social security number etc. Your feedback may be left unpublished or it may be edited prior to publishing.

Should your feedback contain a photo or a video, it must be taken by yourself. If identifiable persons appear on your photo/video, you need to have their permission to publish the material. By attaching a photo/video to you feedback you affirm that you have the above mentioned permission to publish the material.

By attaching a photo, video or other copyright protected material to your feedback, you assign your copyright and other rights to the content (incl. the right of further assignment and adaptation) to the City of Helsinki.’’

The License Covering the Feedback System Interface

  1. By this license, the City of Helsinki gives the Licensee (a person using licensed material in accordance with this license) the permanent right to copy, disseminate, edit, combine and otherwise use the licensed material worldwide, free-of-charge and non-exclusively, on the conditions indicated in Items 2 - 4. The licensed material can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  2. The original copyright information shall be indicated as follows: © City of Helsinki, [date of material], e.g. © City of Helsinki, 5.2.2013.
  3. Should the Licensor so require the copyright information must be deleted.
  4. The copyright information related to licensed material shall not be declared in a manner indicating that the City of Helsinki sponsor the user of the licensed material or the usage thereof in any way.