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Open APIs


Query the city's statistical databases

API location:

Code and visualization examples can be found here.

API description (subject to change):

More detailed information and installation instructions can be found in the Github page of statcubeserver, which is a thin wrapper around the datafile-handler pydatacube.

Browse datasets with a browser: /browser/

Preview a dataset and see available methods: /browser/?resource=<resource uri>

Get available datasets: /resources/

Get dataset metadata and methods: /resources/<resource id>/

Get a filtered dataset: /resources/<resource_id>/filter<&col1=cat1,cat2&col2=cat3 ...>

Get dataset's data (can be filtered) as "entries": /resources/<dataset path>/entries

Get data as "table": /resources/<dataset path>/table<?start=firstrow&end=lastrow>

Get data as "columns": /resources/<dataset path>/columns

Get grouped data ("pivot") as columns: /resources/<dataset path>/group_for_columns?as_values=<col1,col2...>

Get data as JSON-stat: /resources/<dataset path>/jsonstat