Kerrokantasi is a prototype service for public hearings and comments on projects that will affect local residents. It allows citizens to give feedback on projects currently in the planning stage, lowering the boundary of participating in local decision-making.

The service allows the public to browse and comment on several alternative plans put forward by the city on each specific issue. Thus far, the main focus is on education planning as well as city and traffic planning. The UI supports customized map-based questionnaires for crowdsourcing valuable local knowledge.

Future developments will allow residents to follow specific topics, specific areas and specific plans as the plans move through the planning stages. Also, an easy-to-use interface will be provided for city officials to make asking for citizen feedback as effortless as possible.

The service provides an open REST API that allows access to all the issues and the received feedback as open data, and a separate React frontend application as an easy-to-use interface for the local citizen.