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OpenAhjo is an API for accessing the decision-making material of the City of Helsinki. The backend is RESTful and based on Django and Tastypie.

Please note that the current version of OpenAhjo will be replaced with a new version in the future. A likely basis for the new version is the 6Aika decision API. For now, this version is still the way to go for accessing decision data. Endpoints and examples

  • API location:


The API documentation follow the OpenAPI (Swagger) specification. Additional descripptions are found below.

Endpoint and examples


An entity making decisions.

"id": 1,
"name": "Tarkastuslautakunta",
"origin_id": "00311",
"resource_uri": "/openahjo/v1/committee/1/"


Meeting of a political committee. A meeting is uniquely identified by committee, year and meeting number (within the year).

"policymaker": "/openahjo/v1/policymaker/26/",
"policymaker_name": "Asuntotuotantotoimikunta",
"date": "2013-05-08",
"id": 5,
"minutes": false,
"number": 6,
"resource_uri": "/openahjo/v1/meeting/5/",
"year": 2013


An issue being discussed and decided on at different committee meetings. One issue can be discussed in several different meetings. The resource agenda_item links issues to meetings.

"category": "/openahjo/v1/category/419/",
"category_name": "Asemakaavoitus",
"category_origin_id": "10 03 03",
"coordinates": [24.93393763640416, 60.16417504680238],
"name": "Albertinkatu 27",
"type": "Point"
"id": 148,
"register_id": "HEL 2011-004632",
"resource_uri": "/openahjo/v1/issue/148/",
"slug": "hel-2011-004632",
"subject": "Kampin tontin 72/2 asemakaavan muuttaminen (nro 12145; Albertinkatu 27 b)",
"summary": "Asemakaavan muutosehdotus mahdollistaa liikerakennusten korttelialueen muuttamisen asuin..."

The issue resource also provides a search interface. The interface includes Solr-powered full-text, spatial and faceted search capabilities. The following parameters are accepted:

limit, page: Allows specifying how many results and which page of results to return.

text: Full-text search terms. The parameter is passed to Haystack's auto_query, so it supports negation, exact matches etc.

category: Limits search to issues from given category id.

district: Limits search to issues from given districts. Multiple district ids can be given separated by commas.

bbox: Limits search geospatially to the given bounding box (left, bottom, right, top in standard WGS-84 coordinate format).

order_by: Specifies in which order the returned results should be. Currently only supports latest_decision_date, -latest_decision_date and relevance.


All the issues are under one category each. The category list was made by scraping a PDF.


Agenda item describes an item on a meeting agenda. An agenda item always links to oneissue. The textual content often differs based the meeting and committee, so the content in stored in agenda_item instead of issue. Contents of issue and meeting are copied intoagenda_item in order to accommodate fewer API accesses.

"agenda_item": "/openahjo/v1/agenda_item/1/",
"file_type": "pdf",
"file_uri": "",
"hash": "2b4dca8e2ee0467353205b55c47aa44cbf6500b8",
"id": 1,
"name": "Asunto Oy Hietalahdenkatu 12",
"number": 1,
"public": true,
"resource_uri": "/openahjo/v1/attachment/1/"
"text": "Lautakunta päätti puoltaa Asunto Oy Hietalahdenkatu...",
"type": "resolution"
"text": "Asunto Oy Hietalahdenkatu 12 on jättänyt korkotukilainahakemuksen...",
"type": "presenter"
"from_minutes": true,
"id": 1,
"index": 35,
"issue": { ... },
"last_modified_time": "2013-04-30T11:02:00",
"meeting": { ... },
"resource_uri": "/openahjo/v1/agenda_item/1/"


Currently, the city council meetings are recorded on video. One video resource can either point to the whole recording (agenda_item is null), to the processing of an agenda item (index is 0) or to an individual statement by a speaker (index is non-zero and speaker is defined).

Supports filtering on agenda_item, meeting and speaker.

"agenda_item": "/openahjo/v1/agenda_item/3219/",
"duration": 63,
"id": 2409,
"index": 3,
"meeting": "/openahjo/v1/meeting/19/",
"party": "",
"resource_uri": "/openahjo/v1/video/2409/",
"screenshot_uri": "",
"speaker": "Pajunen Jussi",
"start_pos": 2327,
"url": ""